About us
ECOPOD is a family company that was the first in the Ukrainian market to create a full-cycle mono production, specializing in geodetic structures and components.

Full support and complex implementation of projects from design to installation. Innovative approach to design and construction, proven suppliers and quality materials. A professional team that has already established itself in the market and has vast experience, even for the boldest ideas.

Our projects are 98% of all implemented in Ukraine and we continue to keep this bar being the company №1 in this area. Our mission is to create a high quality product for people and the environment, without damaging or destroying it. Our main motivation and engine of the quality of our work is the responsibility for what we create.
Years on the market
Completed projects
Built geodesic domes
Our team
Roman Ivaniv
Chief Engineer, RFH Operator
Yulia Sakiv
Marketing director
Volodimyr Stahovich
Vasil Tsybenko
Project manager
Oleg Sakiv
Founder, CEO
Head of construction
Roman Ivankiv
Andriy Sakiv
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