• Restaurant lounge areas
  • Creative space
  • Advertising point
  • Backyard pergola
  • Pool cover
  • Exceptional transparency
  • Reliable frameless structure
  • Highest quality polycarbonate from 3mm
  • UV protection
  • Micro ventilation

A futuristic space format for you and your business - a solution that will perfectly align with your business vision and personal space.

Size and Pricing Options:
  • Vision ECOPOD XS - 4.3m in diameter, 2.7m height, 15m2 area - $4000
  • Vision ECOPOD S - 5m in diameter, 2.97m height, 19m2 area - $5600
  • Vision ECOPOD M - 6m in diameter, 3m height, 28m2 area - $6400
  • Vision ECOPOD L - 7m in diameter, 3.5m height, 39m2 area - $7700
  • Vision ECOPOD XL - 8m in diameter, 3.9m height, 50m2 area - $11000

Standard Equipment for our Vision ECOPOD:
  • Set of monolithic polycarbonate panels *thickness depends on dome size
  • Stainless steel mounting kit
  • Stainless steel door frame
  • Transparent PVC doors
  • One ventilation window
  • Ventilation openings
  • Detailed instruction manual
Order fulfillment time: 35 working days.
Additional options for your convenience: glass doors, extra windows, wooden flooring.

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