Premium Geodome
Area: 25 m2
Diameter: 6 m
Maximum height: 3.56 m
Weight: 350-420 kg
Premium Geodome
5 000 $
21 working days
Implementation period
5 years
Warranty on operation
・Private use
・Eco resorts
Comfortable and more energy efficient geodome model. The hermetic window panorama system allows to regulate the microclimate indoors much better and creates more comfortable conditions for rest. There are two types of door opening.
Product benefits
Low operating costs
All steel parts are protected against corrosion. The membranes are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, have a microbicidal coating and are easy to care for.
Environmental friendliness
The materials that we use are quite environmentally friendly, and the approach to construction does not have a negative impact on the environment and can be dismantled at any time.
Energy efficiency
Due to the sphere-like shape, the air is circulated by the same air masses in a circle, which provides rapid heating and, accordingly, cooling.
This structure does not require a foundation. The amount of building materials is several times less than in a normal building.
Quick return on investments
Cost-effective construction, low operating costs and strong eco-tourism interest help recoup your investment quicker.
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