GM Eco Bubble Hotel
Yablunytsia village, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine
Located in the temperate climate zone. The climate is temperate-continental with cold and snowy winters and moderately hot summers with frequent rains.

Implementation period
6 months
Project description
This is the first glamping complex implemented on a turn-key basis. We have designed 6 L-sized ECOPOD geodesic domes.

In this project we also acted as a general contractor for internal works. Each geodesic dome has its own style of interior and a variety of interior space solutions.

The weather and heavy rains were a big challenge during the construction, but thanks to the coordinated work of the whole team, we managed to successfully complete all construction work.

Now the complex is extremely popular among tourists and there are plans for further development, to get there you need to book a dome in 1-2 months.