Area: 38m2 of usable space
Height: 3.5m at peak
Dimensions: 7m x 9m
Price for Complete Package
Black steel frame covered with architectural PVC membrane, aluminum facade
Double-glazed windows with tempered glass

$35 400 (All-inclusive setup)

A new accommodation format for glamping dome or additional lodging facilities. This product provides a sense of space and full immersion in nature.

Recommended occupancy: 2-4 persons.
Applications: glamping sites, retreat centers, additional lodging units for existing hospitality venues.
Recommended locations for Shell ECOPOD: forest areas, coastal lines, plains, and waterfront locations.

  • Shell ECOPOD (frame, membrane, aluminum double-glazed windows)
  • Insulation (polyester insulation, foil barrier, interior fabric)
  • Platform and terrace (piled foundation, metal grid, insulated flooring, external terrace)
  • Air conditioning (24BTU air conditioner, installation, ductwork)
  • Electrical connection (wiring, circuit breakers, fixtures, chandelier)
  • Interior module (frame, finishes, plumbing, mini kitchen, water heater, doors)
  • Ventilation system (160m3/h air recuperator, mounting kit)
  • Installation of radial curtains (blackout curtains, mounting kit)
  • Installation and delivery (delivery, setup, accommodation expenses)

Package cost: $35400

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