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Museum of Earth History. Geodome Tunnel Connection Option
We're sharing about a unique project, the Museum of Earth History, and the decisions we made for this location.
In this article, we'll be discussing an unconventional project that we had the opportunity to be a part of - the Museum of Earth History, and an interesting option that we implemented at the location - geodome tunnel connections.

Park and Museum of Earth History

Underhill Park of Earth History is the first interactive park-museum in Ukraine, located in the village of Pidhirya, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The location offers a plethora of unique and interesting attractions, including original sculptures, exotic animal enclosures, children's and sports playgrounds, a food court, souvenir shops, museums, and space attractions.

Among the notable features of the location, you can see large white spheres connected to each other. These are geodesic ecopod domes in which the Museum of Earth History is housed.

Option of tunnel connections between geodesic domes

The Museum of Earth History is located in three geodesic domes by ecopod: a large Public L dome (diameter - 13m) and two smaller Private XL domes (diameter - 8m), connected to each other.

In this project, we used the "tunnel connections" option (absorption-type connections) for the first time. This not only increased the space of the museum (total area - 210 sq.m.), but also allowed us to create separate zones inside. This solution also made the museum more interesting and unconventional from the outside.

Overall, this spherical solution successfully combined with the main theme of this attraction - space and cosmic planets.

It should be noted that we can also implement the "tunnel connections" option for other models of ecopod geodesic domes. Our entire range of products can be viewed in the "Products" section.

The geodesic structure for the "Earth History Museum" project was completed by us in 2 months. Now, the location is popular among visitors and has become a unique tourist attraction in Ivano-Frankivsk.

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