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8 popular questions about geo domes
Everything you need to know about geodesic domes
If you've seen and heard about geo domes, but aren't sure what they are, check out this article. Here we answer the most popular questions about geodesic domes and talk about their main features.

1. What is a geodesic dome?

Geodesic dome (geodome, geode) - architectural structure in the shape of a sphere. Such a structure is assembled from steel beams. This ensures the stability and durability of the dome.

In fact, a geodesic dome is a fully fledged, habitable building.

First geo dome design appeared in the 20th century. It was promoted and developed by Richard Fuller. His main idea was to provide cheap, but good - quality, functional and quick in construction housing in the post - war era. More on this topic HERE.

2. Is it stable?

Geo domes are extremely durable and stable. The load - bearing capacity of the frame in the geo dome is much greater than that of other structures. Aerodynamic shape, from the other hand, allows it to withstand wind loads up to 120 km / h and snow loads - up to 160 kg / m2 *. Thanks to this, geo domes can be located in the most difficult climatic conditions.

Its durability is also ensured by high - quality building materials. The steel frame is powder coated and protected against corrosion. The dome cover (transparent and architectural membranes) are resistant to ultraviolet and have an additional antifungal coating. Moreover, the shiny outer layer of membrane has a self-cleaning effect. All seams are soldered using the only in Ukraine Frosstrom machine (seam width - 30 mm). Our geodesic domes are built on a stable, insulated wooden platform or set on steel piles.

* All calculations approved by a certified architect.
3. Is it warm inside the dome?

Geo domes, due to their shape, have a good heat retention capacity, which creates comfortable conditions and regulates the indoor microclimate. It also ensures perfect air circulation inside - no drafts and air stagnation.

Therefore, after installing an air conditioner or a fireplace inside, the dome will be warm and cozy even at -25 °.

4. Why is it ecological?

No foundation is required to the implementation and further use of geo dome. Thanks to this, we do not interfere with the environment at the construction stage. You can uninstall the dome at any time and terrain will remain the same as it was.

We also use safe building materials that do not contain toxic substances. All materials are fully recyclable.

5. Why is a geo dome more profitable than traditional buildings?

The construction of a geo dome is economically advantageous due to the lack of foundation and less building materials.

Dome allows you to efficiently arrange the interior: you get the maximum amount of usable space compared to a house based on a rectangular plan, as well as more light and air.

As for the built - up area, it is minimal. Thanks to this, we reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning (from 20 to 80% of the cost compared to standard – shaped homes).

6. Do geo domes have any disadvantages?

Mass production of building materials in our time is intended for the construction of traditional rectangular houses. Therefore, they need to be additionally processed in order to give them a triangle shape. However, you don't have to worry about it, we got this =)
7. How to use a geo dome?

Geodesic domes are suitable for both business and private use. You can install it in your garden as an alternative to a traditional small cottage or summer kitchen.

As an option, you can open your own glamping site or complete an existing hotel site by adding several geo dome lounge areas.

This is a perfect solution for hotel owners, seaside campsites, vineyards, ski and golf resorts, for organizing events, meetings, etc. Because such a project is exclusive and has a quick return on investments.

8. Where to order a geo dome in Ukraine?

Here, the answer is obvious – ECOPOD company. We build geo domes quickly, efficiently and reliably as well as providing a full range of services.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us by phone and get a free consultation +380673441458.