Cloud Rooftop. A unique place to relax "under the clouds"
How did we install this geo dome on the roof for the first time? What solutions have we chosen? How long did the project take?
In this article we will talk about another unique project of ours, a popular place for recreation and photo sessions "under the clouds" in Kiev - Cloud Rooftop.
Cloud Rooftop is located on the right side of Kiev, on the rooftop of a 28 - story building, which opens up a wonderful view of the capital.

This is where we installed the geo dome from the Private series in size L (diameter 7 meters). This variant made it possible to qualitatively organize the roof space and add more elements, creating a unique atmosphere.

The geo dome has been additionally insulated, thanks to which the Cloud Rooftop is open all year round.

We remind you that geo dome from Private series in size L is an ideal option for glamping and recreation. Such a space allows you to add a mezzanine or the upper floor with sleeping places. Additionally, it can be insulated for year - round use. Find out more about this type of geo dome HERE.

Also we implemented the "extra panorama" option in the project. That is, an enlarged panoramic window of the geodesic dome. Thanks to this, the beautiful view of Kiev along with the sky opens from the inside, which enhances the effect of resting "under the clouds".

This is our first project on the actual roof. Location turned out to be a challenge for us, because of the weather conditions. Increased wind load requires a necessity to permanently fix and protect geo dome. We have managed to place the structure on a large, insulated wooden platform with an additional external terrace (total area - 100 m2).

Together with investors, we managed to create a high-quality project. Delivery time - 2 months.

Cloud Rooftop is a place quite popular among the residents and visitors of the capital. Here unforgettable romantic dates and photo sessions are being organized .

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