Visualization of the project. The convenience of choosing ECOPOD geo dome
We will tell you about our additional option - visualization of ECOPOD projects
It is quite difficult to imagine exactly what the future design will look like. To help in this task, ECOPOD Ukraine offers you an additional option - visualization of the project. Thanks to this, we save your time and bring the project as close as possible to the desired state. Details below.

Find out more about the visualization of ECOPOD project

Visualization it is a virtual presentation of the project in 3D. This option allows you to display all design elements in the correct proportions and actual textures. In other words, it allows you to see what the geo dome will look like outside and inside after the assembly work is complete and what to expect from the finished project.
This additional option in ECOPOD includes two important steps:

· Visualization of land development. At this stage, you will see what the project will look like in general, and if necessary, change the position of the geo domes, choose the right size, color of the membrane etc.

· Visualization of interior design. At this point, you can see how the finishing materials, furniture and decorations are combined with each other and correct the arrangement of functional zones inside if necessary.

Overall, 3D visualizations of the future geo dome will make exterior and interior appear consistent and meet your expectations.
What are the advantages?

This option allows you:

· To imagine the future project as precisely as possible,
· To make adjustments at the stage of fabrication,
· To choose the exact location of geo domes, their size etc,
· To visually "try on" any style of interior design or furniture arrangement,
· To provide some changes in the design (type of membrane, furniture arrangement, colors etc.).
In general, the possibility of creating a 3D visualization of a geodesic dome saves both your and our time. Because we make all the necessary adjustments while designing the future project.

Before creating the design in 3D, we first discuss the general concept, make first measurements, approve the land development plan and agree on the interior design. Then, we plan the functional layout inside, according to design assumptions.

If you are interested in such a convenient option, please contact us for additional consultation +380673441458. We will help you order a geo dome in Ukraine and implement your desired project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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