Choosing a place for a geo dome
What factors should be taken into account while choosing a location for your future geo dome
One of the most popular questions about geodesic domes would be the choice of their location. On one hand, it can be installed almost anywhere, on the other, there is one important factor to consider. We'll tell you more about it below.

The stability of the structure also affects the choice of geo dome’s location. Thanks to their aerodynamic shapes, geo domes are able to withstand wind loads of up to 120 km / h and snow loads of up to 160 kg / m2. This allows you to install such a structure even in difficult climatic conditions.

A clear confirmation of this fact is the world's first glamping dome EcoCamp Patagonia, built in Patagonia (Chile), in an area surrounded by mountains and strong winds.
What factors should be considered?

The only factor that can influence the choice of geo dome’s location is its primary purpose.

If you need a geo dome for private use (as a summer kitchen or recreation area), you can place it in the backyard of your home, garden etc.
The situation with geo domes intended for business purposes is more complicated. Here, you have to consider these three aspects.

First, in the case of hotels or glamping sites, it is important to have a nice view. It can be a lake, river or sea shore, forest, mountain etc. Main task – chosen location should delight the guests of your glamping or hotel.

Two more aspects are communication accessibility and the ability to connect the necessary installations.

As you can see, any plot of land is not suitable for organizing a business space. Therefore, before the assembly of ECOPOD geo domes, we organize trips to a selected location in order to assess the practicability of the project. In addition, if necessary, ECOPOD offers you help with finding the perfect location for your future glamping or other business project.
Projects with interesting locations

As we wrote above, an interesting location and landscape play an important role when implementing a project for business purposes. As an example, we present some of our successful projects, realized in unusual locations.
Hotel Sky Pod

Dome - shaped hotel located on a hill with amazing views. In this project, we helped the investor in finding a suitable location for his idea.

Hotel EcoSpace

Our personal project - a hotel located on the shores of the Kiev Sea. Here, guests have an opportunity to wake up to the sound of sea waves, walk along the private beach, and have a beautiful view from the windows.

A place for dating, recreation and photo sessions - Cloud Rooftop

Geo dome, located on the rooftop of the 28-story building, is a unique project. A wonderful view of Kyiv and relaxation “under the clouds”..

Glamping MNMLST

The first glamping site in Ukraine, located by the sea.

You can choose and order a geo dome on our website, we are ready to help you with choice and will advise you in finding the right site for your investment. Please feel free to contact us on +38 067 344 14 58 to get an additional consultation.