Flower Dome. A product that will be an interesting addition to your garden
We will tell you about our invention - futuristic geo bower Flower Dome

Are you looking for an option to complete your hotel or private house area? We offer an original invention of our team - Flower Dome, which will decorate any space. More information on this product below.

Purpose of the Flower Dome

Flower Dome can be used for private and commercial purposes:
· In the backyard of your own home;
· In public space (park, square, playground);
· As an addition to the hotel, glamping or eco-resort area.

Depending on the purpose, the Flower Dome area (11.7 m2) allows the arrangement of different variations of garden furniture inside. It can be a table with benches, comfortable sofa or/with soft armchairs - bags etc.

Flower Dome product design

The main advantage of the product is its futuristic design. Steel beam frame creates an open structure of the bower, allowing an entry from any side.

Overall, there are two possible designs for this product:
1 - Steel geodesic structure without top membrane coverage;
2 - Geodetic structure covered with PVC membrane. This variant has an obvious advantage – against rain protection.

Flower Dome can be installed on an insulated wooden platform or directly on the ground / other surface.

Since such a bower has to be a continuation of the garden, it must also match the architectural style and exterior finish of the buildings around.

Therefore, Flower Dome is a good complement to the diversity of ECOPOD geodesic structures. Such a product can be installed on a glamping site or hotel. For example, in the glamping Oblaka we have installed two ECOPOD geodesic domes from the Private series, which, at the client's request, we supplemented with two creative Flower Dome bowers.

The benefits of Flower Dome

As mentioned above, Flower Dome is a non-ordinary and interesting option. Such an original space will be not only a place of rest, but also an attraction of your private area.

Moreover, such a geo dome is an ecological solution, which is quite mobile, and easy to transport.

The product itself is durable, because it is made of high-quality materials, protected against corrosion, UV radiation and other external factors.
Another obvious advantage – quickness of project realization. You will receive the finished product within 21 working days, after ordering the Flower Dome.

Find out the cost of the Flower Dome

So, if you are looking for a non-standard yet functional addition to your garden, the Flower Dome is what you need. Leave your order on the website or contact us to receive an additional consultation on +380673441458 (WhatsApp).

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