Edelweiss Glamping. Location for outdoor activities
How did we implement this project? What geo domes have been built on the plot? What are the terms?
In this article, we will talk about a non-standard project, located in the Western part of Ukraine, where we had the opportunity to implement several geo domes. Introducing the Edelweiss Glamping project.
Edelweiss Glamping is located in the Lviv region (Oryavchyk village), in a beautiful place near the Beskidy Skolskie National Park, 900 meters above sea level. Next to it is located “Edelweiss” children camp and Zveniv ski slope.

Edelweiss has many possibilities to spend your free time. An extreme amusement park located there, offering activities such as horse riding, archery, rafting, skiing, trips and bicycle walks. It is a place for true connoisseurs of active vacation, and our geodesic domes are perfect for this location.

We located 3 ECOPOD geo domes from the Private series in sizes M and L (area 28 m2 and 36 m2) at the site. Such geo domes can comfortably accommodate 3 - 4 people. Inside, there are all needed appliances for a comfortable stay.

*Fun fact: our geo domes perfectly complemented some of the original recreational facilities within the complex - Indian teepees – original homes to North American natives (known to us as the "Indian Wigwam").
In addition, we constructed 1 ECOPOD geo dome from the Public series in size M (95 m2) at the Glamping site, which serves as a restaurant.

We would like to remind you that the domes from the Public series are perfect for cafes, museums, offices and small events. They are presented in three sizes and can accommodate from 100 to 200 people. Find out more about this series of geo domes.

All geodesic domes installed in Edelweiss Glamping have an additional thermal insulation, which allows them to be used all year round. Project implementation time - 2 months.

Nowadays, Edelweiss glamping is a popular place for a family - friendly active recreation. If you are looking for a place in the Carpathians that offers a variety of entertainment and activities, Edelweiss Glamping is just what you need.

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