Glamping it is a camping with comfort
A short description about this popular type of ecotourism - glamping.
For 3 decades no one knew about what glamping was, but today it is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. In this article, we'll talk about glamping, its history and types.

What is glamping?

The word glamping is a combination of words glamor and camping - glamorous camping, which was established in the early 2000s in Great Britain.

Glamping is one of the directions of ecotourism. An outdoor recreation in special tents with all the furnishings: bed, kitchen, bathroom.

This type of tourism is intended for those who want to relax in close contact with nature, but in comfortable conditions. This means that glamping is not much different from our usual camping with tents, but level of comfort is extremely different. Glampings give us the opportunity to wake up surrounded by nature in a warm, cozy bed with white bedding and prepare breakfast in the kitchen or multifunctional grill.

Interesting facts from the history of glamping

Interestingly, the idea of ​​living in a tent with comfort is nothing new. Medieval kings can be considered as the first glampers, which lived in huge tents with all needed furnishings during their war campaigns.

This way of life has become more and more popular among American and European travelers, who discovered the African continent. Their temporary homes contained not only comfortable beds, but also entire libraries and bathtubs.

In its modern form, glamping emerged in Great Britain in the first half of the 2000s, when summer festivals began to offer comfortable campsites for their visitors.

In Ukraine, the popularity of this type of recreation had just begun.
Types of glamping. Glamping with geo dome

There are various types of tents for living in glamping. These include tents made of a wooden frame (Safari tent), eco-houses (triangular and rectangular), as well as yurts, campers and others.

Geodesic domes are an original solution for glamping. After all, they are environmentally friendly, economical, easy to install and have impressive panoramic windows that emphasize the effect of relaxing in the bosom of nature.

According to the glamping concept, you can install everything you need in the geo dome: a variety of furniture and interior items, a full kitchenette with necessary equipment, a separate bathroom with shower or bathtub and even air conditioning.

Besides that, additional thermal insulation in geo domes gives us an opportunity to stay inside all year around.

Spherical structures are easy to manufacture, assemble and disassemble, they are mobile and have high strength. Evenly distributed intensities perfectly withstand wind and snow loads. Therefore, geo domes can be built even on mountain tops, surrounded by harsh weather conditions.
How to build glamping with geo domes?

Self-assembly of the dome is quite difficult, starting with finding the right materials and ending with the construction process. The best option for a quick and profitable organization of glamping is to contact the manufacturer.

ECOPOD offers a full range of services: from finding a future location to building geo domes. Our advantages are quickness of work (from 21 to 35 days), quality of geodesic structures and extensive experience. We have successfully completed over 200 geo domes in various regions of Ukraine and abroad.

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