What materials are ECOPOD geo domes made of?
We will tell you what ECOPOD geodesic domes are made of
The quality of building materials from which geodesic domes are made, is one of the most important factors. It influences the strength and lifetime of the structure. Therefore, we approach the selection of them with great responsibility. Below, we briefly talk about the most important ones.

1. Wooden platform and terrace

As we wrote in previous articles, there is no need for any foundation to install the geo dome, because it is placed on a durable, insulated wooden platform or on steel piles. It is also possible to create an external terrace, which can be an additional seating space with a railing and stairs.

We offer a wide range of proven solutions. We approach each location individually and select appropriate type of foundation
2. Structure

Then, our geodesic structure, consisting of triangles connected with each other, is attached to the insulated platform. This skeleton is the basis, so the quality of such a structure is particularly important. This guarantees the stability and strength of the geo dome.

The steel structure is powder coated and has protection against corrosion. The diameter of pipes depends on the size of the selected geo dome (Private, Public or Event).
3. Architectural and transparent membranes

An architectural and transparent membrane - covering of the dome - is attached to the steel structure. This step is very important, because this membrane is most exposed to external factors.

In our projects, we use membranes resistant to ultraviolet radiation and an antifungal coating. In addition, ECOPOD membranes have a self - cleaning effect, and the brazed seams are produced on the only Frosstrom machine in Ukraine (seam width - 30 mm).

Architectural PVC membrane of Belgian origin "SIOEN", thickness 650 g / m2, G1 / M2 fire protection standard.
A transparent membrane of Japanese origin "Achilles" with a thickness of 0.5 mm.

The production of PVC and internal materials is done automatically on the cutting machine, which eliminates errors and the so - called "human factor". Thanks to this technology, we obtain a product of the highest standard and quality, which allows us to compete on the international market.

The basic color of architectural membrane is white. However, it is possible to order the dome in a different available color. *

* In this case, the implementation period of the geo dome is extended by 2 months.
In addition, ECOPOD geo domes can have a thermal insulation, which allows them to be used all year round.

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