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Sky Pod Eco Mountain Resort. Dome - shaped hotel with the view of Hoverla and Petros mountains
How did we implement this project? What solutions have we chosen? What new approaches have been introduced to the installation process?
In this article, we will tell you about our unique project in which we were general contractors at all stages of the construction process. It is a dome – shaped hotel overlooking Hoverla and the Petros Mountain - Sky Pod Eco Mountain Resort.
Sky Pod Hotel is located, on one hand, in a popular place for recreation – village Yablunytsia, with a fairly developed infrastructure (5 km from Bukovel), and on the other - on the slopes of mountains, surrounded by nature. We helped searching for a perfect location, so we considered all the important factors: beautiful landscape, transport connection and access to the necessary installations.

For the “hotel rooms” we selected ECOPOD geo domes from the Private series in optimal size - L. This option made it possible to organize the space and add all the amenities for a comfortable stay inside.

Beside each of the geodesic domes there is an open external terrace. All of them have an additional thermal insulation, fireplace and air conditioning inside, so the SkyPod glamping can be visited all year round.

Each dome has its own unique style and interior design (Graphite, Hvoya, Camel, Shoko, White, Sunset).

Generally, we completed such construction in 4 months. During the works, there were some difficulties related to the arrangement of the interior space.
For the investor's request, the "extra panorama" option (enlarged panoramic window) was implemented into the project as well. For such a solution, special curtains are needed, which were not a part of our offer at that time. Together with investor, we managed to find the right material to realize this idea. As a result, appropriate sets of curtains have appeared in our offer of finishing elements for geo domes.

During the project implementation, we used a new approach to the thermal insulation of the dome and wooden platform. Thanks to this, we have created two, independent structures, which prevents the formation of thermal bridges and the ingress of moisture inside.

In general, this complex was built quickly and efficiently, without the use of heavy equipment or interference into the existing area. Today, Sky Pod hotel is a very popular holiday destination among tourists.

Do you want to create something similar? Do you have an idea and perfect location for your project? Please feel free to contact us and get an additional consultation +380673441458.

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