Why is a geodesic dome profitable?
We explain why geo domes are a viable alternative to traditional buildings
Installation of a geodesic dome is more profitable compared to an ordinary rectangular house, due to both lower number of materials required and properties of spherical buildings. We'll explain this in more detail below.

Savings at the construction stage

By choosing a geo dome, already at the construction stage, you are saving money, because such a building does not require any foundation. It is placed on a special wooden platform or terrace.

The amount of building materials required to make a geo dome is much less than for a conventional house. Although, the economy of the materials does not affect the strength and stability of geodetic structures.

Why is it a permanent structure?

Low operating costs

All materials required for the installation of ECOPOD geo domes are high quality and intended for long-term use. Steel elements are protected against corrosion and architectural membranes are resistant to UV radiation and have a special protective coating.

What materials are ECOPOD geo domes made of?

The lifetime of geo domes depends on their proper care and the weather conditions of the area in which they are located. It should be noted that spherical eco - buildings are quite easy to maintain and, with provided regular care, they do not lose their original appearance throughout time.

How to care for a geo dome?
Saving on electricity

Geo domes are energy efficient. Their shape ensures proper air circulation inside, which results in no drafts and air stagnation in the corners. Correspondingly, it reduces the costs of heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Why is a geodesic dome energy efficient?

Fast return on investments

Considering the economical construction and low operating costs, geo domes help to accelerate the return on our investments.

This factor is influenced by the rapid development and popularity of ecotourism in Ukraine. Spherical eco-buildings attract tourists not only with their original shape, but also with an amazing atmosphere inside and the possibility of being close to nature, but in comfortable conditions.
Fast project implementation

The ECOPOD geo dome is not only economical but also a time saving option. Overall, the duration of project from approval to finish is 21 - 35 working days. However, the assembly of such a structure on the plot takes up to 5 days.

How do we work?

· First, you have to fill out a brief on our website or contact us by phone to select geo domes and structural elements for them.
· We send you a price offer with all necessary information and deadlines;
· Then we discuss the details of future project.
· We develop and set the internal functional layout of future geo dome.
· Signing a contract.
· We produce and install a geo dome in the location of your choice.

As you can see, geodesic domes really are an efficient alternative to other buildings, which saves your time and expenses. If you are interested in such an offer, please contact us for an additional consultation +380673441458. We will help you choose and order a geo dome, produced in Ukraine.