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GM Eco Bubble Hotel. The first turnkey project
How did we create our first dome - shaped hotel in Ukraine? What challenges did we meet and what solutions did we choose?
GM Eco Bubble Hotel - our first turnkey project. In this article, we will tell you about our experience.
Hotel is located in Yablunytsia village on the Horiszkiw trail (10 minutes from Bukovel). It is hard to imagine a multi - story hotel in this magnificent place. For this reason, investors decided to create glamping with geo domes, instead of a standard rectangular hotel structure.

We remind you that geo domes do not need any foundation, which means that we do not integrate into existing area.

We have installed 5 geo domes from the Private series on the plot. The investor chose size L - a good solution for comfortable living.

ECOPOD geo domes from the Private series in size L have an option of adding a mezzanine or a whole second floor.

In this project, we worked on interior design, so each dome has its own style.
We completed this project in 6 months. We have to admit that we faced a lot of challenges, starting with connecting the installations and weather conditions. To avoid some difficulties, we had to organize a trip abroad in order to gain experience in glamping design.

Today, GM Eco Bubble Hotel, as the first dome - shaped hotel in Ukraine, is a popular destination among tourists. All domes located on the plot are being reserved 1 - 2 months in advance.

Do you want to create something similar? Do you have an idea and perfect location? Please feel free to contact us by phone +380673441458 and get a free consultation.

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