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How did we create our startup?
How did we come up with the idea? How did our company develop? Why is ECOPOD a unique startup in Ukraine?
"Our geodesic domes represent life in harmony with nature, avoiding interfering in it, without excavations, foundations, without pressure on the environment"
Oleg Sakiv, founder of ECOPOD

Imagine you only have an idea... An idea, which impresses you so much that you are ready to go overseas to find needed suppliers. So that you want to explain what "geo dome" is and how to deal with it =). So that you involve relatives in your project, who are also as passionate about this idea as you are.

This is how our project "ECOPOD geodesic domes" was born about two years ago. Today we have over 60 completed projects and 180 built geo domes, which weren’t seen in Ukraine before! But let's go back to the beginning, how it all started…

It all started when the founder of ECOPOD (Oleg Sakiv) and his wife went to Italy for a vacation. There, Oleg saw interesting and unusual semicircular structures - private houses in the shape of geo domes. Such buildings interested him so much that he decided to go to Switzerland. There he stayed in the hotel, where hotel rooms were replaced with geo domes:

"I went inside and it felt great: the structure, its lightness and the possibility of being located in the middle of mountains or other places, not accessible to a standard hotel!"

From that moment on, the ECOPOD project and the idea of ​​building geo domes, not known in Ukraine so far, appeared.
This photo shows our first geo dome on display in PromPrylad (Ivano-Frankivsk).

So, using the experience and foreign suppliers, we managed to find and train a reliable team. And within 2 years ECOPOD has transformed a startup to an exceptional construction company.

Today we are building geo domes for various purposes and levels of complexity. We have our original inventions and size variations of the designed domes (currently we have 11 versions!). We have created our own glamping site near Kiev, which we will talk about later =). Our company ECOPOD is the first in Ukraine to carry out fully cyclical mono production, which specializes in geodetic structures. We offer a full range of services, including the implementation and project support
This photo shows our GM Eco Bubble Hotel project (Yablunytsia village, Ivano-Frankivsk region)

"Give me the place to stand, and I shall move the Earth," said Archimedes.
"Give us a piece of land and we'll build a geo dome there," we said.

So, if you are tired of skyscrapers like us and are looking for non - standard, environmentally friendly design solutions - you are our ideal client. You are so welcome to contact us by phone +380673441458 and get a free consultation.

ECOPOD - ideal geodetic structures for business and private use.