Internal module of ecopod geodesic domes designed for recreation
We talk about the main zones inside ecopod geodesic domes and answer key questions about them.

A geodesic dome is a tent of original shape that is not inferior to premium-class hotels in terms of comfort and coziness, as everything can be accommodated inside the sphere for comfortable rest and leisure. We'll tell you more about it below.

Versatility of the interior space in geodesic domes

Let's start with the facts - in a geodesic dome, just like in a regular building, anything can be implemented. The sphere can be:

  • a cafe with a main area for placing tables, a lounge area, and a bar;
  • a fitness room with an exercise area and administration;
  • a cinema with movie screening directly on the walls of the structure;
  • a museum with an exhibition hall and administration;
  • a space for events and conferences with a large main hall, and so on.

However, in this article, we will talk about geodesic domes that function as cottages for recreation and leisure.

It should be noted that in such an eco-structure, all the necessary amenities for comfortable rest can be accommodated. We'll now tell you more about the zones that can be implemented in ecopod geodesic domes.

Resting area
A large panoramic window, and next to it: a comfortable soft chair for relaxation and a miniature table for tea and books; a rocking chair and a footrest; chairs and a table for dining, and so on. There are many design options for this part of the geodesic dome, but the result is always the same - it's the most popular area for photos among guests of geodesic dome hotels.

Sleeping area
A single or double bed, from which you can see the sunrise and sunset, an air conditioner and/or a wood-burning stove, bedside tables, and lamps. The purpose of this area is to provide guests of geodesic domes with quality rest and sound sleep.

Kitchen module
"Like at home" is the motto of our kitchen in the ecopod geodesic dome, as it can have everything: from the main cooking area with all necessary kitchen utensils to a separate dining area for meals.

Toilet module
Our "secret room" in the geodome, as it is not visible at first glance. The toilet module is always a separate room in our sphere where a full shower cabin, toilet, bidet, sink, etc. can be installed.

Answering important questions about ecopod geodomes for relaxation and their interior module:

What size of the recreational geodomes to choose?
We have a whole series of geodomes designed for residential or commercial use - the "Private" series. Optimal sizes for creating recreational areas are M, L, XL. The area of these geodomes allows for the realization of all the above-mentioned zones, and the L and XL sizes also allow for the installation of a second floor in the sphere with additional sleeping areas.

Does the cost include interior design and furniture?
This question depends on the choice of one of our proposal packages (Basic, Smart, Complete). For example, when choosing the "turnkey geodome" option (Complete package), the cost includes interior design, kitchen and toilet modules, as well as preliminary visualization of the interior space.
It should be noted that the placement of the main zones in the geodesic dome and the interior design can be changed and agreed upon with the customer even at the visualization stage. For each size and type of geodomes in the "Private" series, we have developed several layout options with ready-made 3D models.
If you choose to arrange the interior of our sphere yourself, we provide the necessary instructions and 24/7 technical support.

Do we need to order additional specialists to carry out the necessary communications in the ecopod recreational geodome?
The implementation of all communications, ventilation systems, and electrical connections are included in some of our proposal packages (Smart and Complete). Therefore, there is no need to call in additional specialists when choosing them.

Are ecopod geodomes designed for relaxation in the winter season?
Ecopod geodomes have a high-quality, top-tested insulation for year-round use. Additionally, all our domes are equipped with heating systems to ensure comfort even in the coldest weather conditions.

It should be noted separately that geodesic domes are an original space for recreation, which is becoming increasingly popular among fans of leisure with comfort and maximum unity with nature. And we manufacture this type of eco-structure extremely quickly - from 21 to 35 days.

Thus, ecopod geodesic domes are not only convenient and original, but also profitable and fast.

You can see the glampings and geodesic dome hotels we have implemented in the "Projects" section.
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