How to choose the right ecopod geodesic dome? 4 simple steps
We will tell you which factors to consider when choosing an ecopod geodesic dome.

There are more than 12 types of ecopod geodesic domes to choose from, so it can be difficult to navigate and choose the right sphere. That's why we offer a simple guide on how to choose a geodesic dome for your project.

We are also ready to advise you and provide necessary recommendations for choosing the right sphere over the phone. Contact us for a free consultation at +380673441458.

Step 1. Purpose

The choice of a geodesic dome depends on the intended use.

For residential use in private or commercial purposes (such as glamping, eco-resorts, retreats, etc.), choose ecopod geodesic domes from the Private series.

For use in commercial and public projects (such as cafes, museums, administration, events up to 200 people, etc.), choose ecopod geodesic domes from the Public series.

For large private, public, and commercial events (such as events, forums, concerts, conferences), choose ecopod geodesic domes from the Event series.

Step 2. Technical Specifications

Each series of ecopod geodesic domes (Private, Public, Event) comes in different sizes. Therefore, when choosing a sphere, pay attention to its technical specifications (diameter, area, height).

Note that each size of our geodesic domes has its own features (such as additional space, second floor, etc.).

Information regarding this is also available on our website on the pages of each specific geodesic dome series: Private series, Public series, Event series.

Step 3. Equipment

Once you have chosen the geodesic dome of the required size, it is worth deciding on its additional equipment.

Overall, we offer three packages of ready-made solutions (Basic, Smart, Complete): from basic equipment to a full package, including an interior module.

These packages are beneficial as they allow you to save both time and money. Learn more about them here.

Step 4. Modifications

Only after you have made a choice of a geodesic dome and its equipment, can you move on to the final stage - choosing modifications.

Yes, you can further personalize your geodome for your future project by choosing appropriate modifications. It could be an enlarged panoramic window, an additional set of doors, or a different color for the upper membrane, among other options.

You can learn more about all the available modifications here.

That's it. Once you have chosen the dome of the necessary size, its equipment, and modifications, you can proceed to ordering. And we, in turn, will do everything necessary so that you receive a ready-made sphere in just 35 days! And don't forget that all ecopod products come with a 5-year warranty!

ECOPOD - reliable and high-quality geodesic domes for business and private use.
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