Available modifications of ecopod geodesic domes
We will talk about possible modifications of our geodesic domes.

A geodesic dome, like a traditional house, can have many modifications in its construction. For one project, it may be appropriate to install an eco-dome with one set of doors, while someone else may choose a sphere with an enlarged window or one with double-glazing. Below, we will discuss all of these possible changes and variations of Ecopod geodesic domes.


Our range includes more than 11 types of geodesic domes of various diameters and heights. We recommend choosing the size of the sphere according to its purpose:

Ecopod Geodesic Domes Private series (area from 18.4 to 70 m2): private use, eco-resorts, retreats, glamping.

Ecopod Geodesic Domes Public series (area from 95 to 182 m2): administrative premises, receptions, cafes, retreats, fitness spaces.

Ecopod Geodesic Domes Event series (area from 260 to 589 m2): mass events and gatherings for up to 900 people.


The basic color of our eco-structures is white. However, you can order a geodesic dome in any other available color. In this case, the sphere's production time increases by 2 months.

The photos show Ecopod geodesic domes in silver and khaki colors.


The foundation of our geodesic dome is its steel frame, available in white or black colors. It's worth noting that the dome looks great with either color of the frame. Depending on the color, the frame retains its properties (it's protected from corrosion and easy to maintain).


The panoramic window is the highlight of the dome structure, especially if it serves as a hotel cottage. To provide the geodesic dome with an even greater wow effect and enhance the feeling of closeness to nature, we offer an interesting modification - the extra-panorama. This is an option for an enlarged panoramic window of our eco-friendly structure that will offer even more views and impressions of staying in the dome.


Ecopod geodesic domes can have different door options and door systems: latch doors, single doors, double doors, separate entry and exit, shutters, etc.
It is also possible to implement a geodesic dome with a double-glazed unit instead of a panoramic window and doors. It is energy-efficient and practical. More information about it is provided here.


Some ecopod geodesic domes can be mounted on an insulated wooden platform (it's important to note that domes don't require a foundation).
The platform can come with additional space, be attached to wooden piles or geo-screws, and can have different colors and sizes, among other things.


Customization of the interior space is an option available when choosing the Complete package (a turnkey geodesic dome). In this case, the customer can choose the placement of the main zones in the dome, roofing materials, textures, and more.

We also offer individual modifications for geodesic domes tailored to the client and location, which we coordinate during the project planning phase. Overall, our company offers a wide range of proven solutions and a personalized approach to each project.

ECOPOD - building geodesic domes quickly, with quality and reliability.
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