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Delivery of ECOPOD geodesic domes abroad
We talk about our company's popular service - delivery of geodesic domes beyond the borders of Ukraine
ECOPOD is a Ukrainian manufacturer of geodesic domes and components. Geodome production is located in Ukraine, and since our products are self-assembly mobile structures, we have been successfully shipping them for export for 3 years now. If you are interested in this service, below we provide more details about it.

How does the shipment of ECOPOD geodesic domes abroad happen?

First of all, our representative contacts you to choose the geodesic dome of the required size and configuration.

Next - a contract is concluded, and a prepayment is made.

After the contract is signed, the production of the geodome begins (terms - from 21 to 35 days, depending on the chosen size).

The method of delivery and the carrier may vary depending on the customer's preferences and the country to which the geodomes are being delivered.

Delivery times depend on the recipient country.

The customer pays for the delivery of the geodesic dome. The delivery cost is calculated in advance.

How is the installation of the geodesic dome carried out abroad?

Together with the geodesic dome and its equipment, we provide the customer with detailed instructions for self-installation of the geodesic structure, as well as provide 24/7 technical support.

At the moment, ECOPOD geodesic domes have been delivered and successfully installed in such countries as the USA, Poland, the Czech Republic, and other European countries.

ECOPOD - more than 350 built geodesic domes in Ukraine and abroad.