FAQ: 10 popular questions about ecopod geodesic domes
Answering the most common questions about our geodesic domes

Every day we receive many messages with questions about our geodesic domes. That's why in this article we decided to gather the most popular questions about ecopod geodesic domes and provide answers to each of them.

1.Where can I view the entire range of ecopod geodesic domes?

You can view our products range on this website in the "Products" section. There you will find information about the technical characteristics of geodesic domes, their purpose, advantages, and more.

2.What is the cost of ecopod geodesic domes?

The cost of an ecopod geodesic dome depends on its size and equipment. Information about basic prices is available on the website in the "Products" section. For a more detailed quote for your project, please call us for a free consultation at +380673441458 or leave your request on the website.

3.How can I get a commercial offer from ecopod?

To receive our commercial offer, leave your request on our website. You can leave it on the homepage or in the "Products" section on the page of a specific product.

4.How to choose the right geodesic dome?

The choice of size and configuration of the geodesic dome depends on the purpose for which you plan to use it.
For residential use in private or commercial settings, choose the ecopod geodesic domes from the Private series.
For commercial and public projects, choose the ecopod geodesic domes from the Public series.
For large private, public, and commercial events, choose the ecopod geodesic domes from the Event series.

5.What are the requirements for the land for the geodesic dome?

A geodesic dome can be installed practically anywhere, as it does not require a foundation. However, if you need this eco-structure for a hotel business, consider factors such as the possibility of conducting communications to the selected site, accessibility, and views. Read more about choosing the right location for the geodesic dome in our Blog.

6.What is included in the turnkey geodesic dome price?

The turnkey geodesic dome price includes a ready-made geodesic dome (frame, membrane, fasteners, lockable door), insulation, door set, insulated podium and floor, exterior terrace, railings and stairs, internal module (equipped bathroom and mini-kitchen), all engineering inside the structure, delivery and installation.

7.What is the implementation time for a geodesic dome?

The manufacturing and installation of ecopod geodesic domes takes from 21 to 35 days. We can install domes that are already in stock in 3-5 days.

8.Can geodesic domes be used in winter?

Yes, ecopod geodesic domes can be insulated for year-round use. Additionally, heating and cooling systems such as air conditioning, stoves, and heated flooring can be installed inside our eco structures. Read more about the energy efficiency of spherical structures in our Blog.

9.Can I assemble a geodesic dome myself?

It is possible to assemble our dome independently, as we provide all the necessary instructions and 24/7 technical support upon purchase.

10.What is the lifespan of ecopod geodesic domes?

The lifespan depends on the care of the dome and the location in which it is placed. We offer a 5-year warranty on each ecopod geodesic dome. There are real-world examples where geodesic domes have been used for 15-20 years. For instance, this year marks the 22nd anniversary of the world's first geodesic dome hotel, EcoCamp Patagonia (Patagonia, Chile)!

For more information about ecopod geodesic domes, visit this website or call us for a free consultation at +380673441458.

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