Why is a geodesic dome energy efficient?
We explain why geo domes save electricity and our finances
Geodesic domes have many advantages over other structures. These include environmental friendliness, stability, durability and energy efficiency, among others. Most of these benefits are evident, but when it comes to energy efficiency, it is a more complicated question. Below, we will try to explain why geodesic domes are a cost - effective alternative for all - year use.

Energy saving

The main factor influencing energy efficiency of a geodesic dome is its shape. Thus, the sphere has the lowest ratio of the wall surface area to the building volume among all the figures. The smaller the total area of ​​walls is, the more convenient it is to control the indoor microclimate, which reduces energy consumption.

In addition, spherical shape helps to ensure proper air circulation (no drafts and air stagnation).

As a result - the dome requires less energy for heating in winter and cooling in summer.
Less heat loss

Due to imperfections in the structure of modern buildings, thermal bridges are formed, which result in significant heat losses. Geodesic domes are built in such a way that heat losses are minimal. The aerodynamics of these structures ensure that wind flows smoothly around and over them.

This factor is also influenced by the materials used. ECOPOD geodesic domes perfectly retain heat because they have a three - layer thermal insulation, which allows them to be used all year round in all climatic conditions.

Temperature control

The temperature inside the geo dome can be regulated by various types of devices. We talk about: fireplace, stove, underfloor heating and air conditioning.

As a result, the temperature inside is completely controlled by the inhabitants.

A wood fireplace, on other hand, not only qualitatively heats the dome in winter, but also enhances the feeling of coziness inside.

As you can see, geo domes are a good option not only in terms of price and environmental friendliness, but also in terms of energy efficiency. Geometry, physics, aero- and thermodynamics provide the durability of geodesic domes. Thus, according to scientific data, such structures have 50% greater energy efficiency compared to other modern buildings.

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