Why is the geodesic dome ecological?
We explain why such structures are considered environmentally friendly

“The main goal of ECOPOD is to show a business alternative.

Something that can be built in absolutely any place, surrounded by nature - like the Carpathians or the Kinburn Spit - without harming it"-

Oleg Sakiv, Director of ECOPOD

Environmental problems apply to all of us. Therefore, we should already look for some business alternatives and reduce our negative impact on the environment. Such an alternative are ECOPOD geodesic domes for business and private use. And why dome buildings are more environmentally friendly than modern concrete structures, we describe below.

The way of building a geo dome

Geodesic domes are environmentally friendly structures, due to the fact that the foundation for them is not required, installation is carried out on a wooden platform or terrace. Thus, there is no direct interference with the existing area.

You can uninstall geo dome at any time and the plot will remain in its original state.

“This means that you can find the wildest terrain in our country, build a platform between four trees and place a geo dome on it with the help of 3 people, creating a fantastic location for relaxing in nature. Three simple steps instead of building an access road, transporting construction materials, and interfering with the ecosystem of the area ”- Oleg Sakiv, director of ECOPOD.

Materials for the geo dome installation

For the construction of ECOPOD geodesic domes, we use safe materials that do not harm human health and do not contain toxic substances.

Of course, you can say: "Are the artificial materials of geo domes that environmentally friendly?" From the point of view of environmental sustainability, geo domes are an ecological solution because they exclude the use of wood and save the trees that play a key role in the ecosystem.

The majority of materials used can also be recycled. This means that the installation of such a structure almost does not produce waste or pollution.
Energy efficiency of spherical buildings

Due to its spherical shape, the geo dome not only saves energy for heating / cooling, but also has less heat loss. Thus, according to statistical data, geodesic domes have 50% greater energy efficiency compared to traditional structures.

Thanks to this, by conserving energy, geo domes put less strain on our planet's natural resources.

More about the energy efficiency of geo domes HERE.

As you can see, such structures are an environmentally friendly option. Therefore, ECOPOD geo domes are a profitable investment for those who care about the future of our planet.

ECOPOD – geodesic structures for business and private use.