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The most complex and largest geodome in the history of our company
We present the geodesic dome of 707 m2 and showcase the results of the test installation
14 tons of metal, over 1700 m2 of PVC covering, a large team, and heavy machinery - recently we successfully completed our most challenging order. This is a geodesic dome ecopod with a diameter of 30 meters and an area of ​​707 m2 with special features and solutions. Let's delve into the details.


Imagine a 3D geodome cinema visible from space. Moreover, it should be installed in a location with challenging weather conditions, so it needs to be extremely sturdy and reliable.
This was the task we received from an international client, and we took on its implementation.


The greatest complexity in realizing such a unique project lay not so much in the size of the geodesic dome as in its characteristics.

Firstly, such a structure had to withstand wind loads of 90 miles per hour. To achieve this, we had to increase the frequency of the geodome to v8 (typical frequency is v6 for such a size).

Frequency, for understanding, is the number of triangles in the dome, their density.

In practice, v6 is 555 struts, and v8 is already 980 struts. Such a structure is extremely non-standard and rarely used.

We also used an extremely strong pipe for the frame (diameter - 76mm), which, in combination with the structure, allowed us to achieve the necessary strength.

Secondly, the client requested non-standard PVC covering. It had to be divided into 7 parts (2 upper and 5 lower) because storms occur in the region where the geodome will be installed. Therefore, there should be an option for quickly removing the upper cover of the sphere.


There were also other individual requests and solutions that ultimately allowed us to produce a geodesic dome with such unique characteristics.

Overall, there are only 5 geodesic structures in the world similar in complexity. Our ecopod geodome will be the sixth!

Thus, our team managed to implement such a complex order. As a result, we conducted a test installation of the geodesic dome (see photo above) and sent it to the international location.

Ahead of us are new projects, new tasks, and solutions.

ECOPOD - real experience and practice.