Advantages of geo dome
Here are some good reasons why to choose a geo dome
1 / Reliability

The sphere is the strongest geometric figure. The indicated design has quite high aerodynamic indexes.

That is why spherical buildings withstand such high wind and snow loads and have good seismic resistance.

2 / Economy

The financial costs of implementing a geo dome for year - round use are significantly lower compared to the standard construction. This is due to the fact that the structure does not require any foundation. Assuming the same usable area, we use 30% less materials to build a geo dome, compared to buildings with a rectangular plan.

3 / Energy efficiency

The dome impresses with its energy efficiency! This is due to its shape - the lack of angles results in proper air circulation inside, which ensures faster heating and cooling process.

4 / Aesthetics

The combination of an unusual idea and external appearance will delight anyone!

The spherical shape is ideal in terms of bioenergy, and the large open space inside gives you so many opportunities for design. High ceilings and the absence of walls, in turn, emphasize the lightness of the structure.